THIS is THE blank, black, Yupoong snapback hat!

🔥 This is the black hat! 🔥

Are you looking for this black snap back hat? The one with the all-black flat bill? YES?
OF COURSE YOU ARE! And this is the one!


If you trust me (and you absolutely should, because I know this stuff) you can skip all this and BUY THE BLACK HAT.

But if you want more details, girl (or boy!) have I got the details! ......

  • This is THE snap-back, all black hat. It’s blank. There’s no logos. No extra labels. The bottom of the bill IS NOT GREEN.
  • YEAH, I bought that one on accident, too.
  • I bought a few different hats, thinking they were all black, before I found this one.
  • Can you get this on Amazon cheaper? YES. Can you buy them in bulk from import websites? MOST LIKELY. but why? We’ve got it right here, and it’s ready to go!
  • We found it! We bought it! We can send it to you.

Look at these gorgeous pictures:


You’ve been looking for this sweet-hot REAL Yupoong brand, wool-blend 6-panel adjustable hat. This is the REAL deal.

Did I mention I bought a few before finding this? Maybe. Here it is: I wanted this hat. I don’t like logos. I don’t care for brands or teams.

⚫ I like BLACK. ⬛
I like hats.

I wanted an all-black, no-logos, no-labels, unbranded, blank, flat-billed BLACK hat. I FOUND IT!

I searched the entire internet. ALL OF IT. (Not really, but it was a lot, okay?).

What did I find out there in the WWW (world wide wild wild west)? :

Chaos! Mislabeled hats. Misleading or ambiguous descriptions. WRONG descriptions. I ordered a black hat. It had a green bill. I ordered another black hat... it had a net back.



Just look at these pictures. See that black? Look how black this is! Notice the bottom of the bill: Is it blue? NO. ITS NOT GREEN EITHER. ITS BLACK. ITS ALLLLLL BLACK.

You might have questions:

  • 1 is this a fitted hat?
    No. It’s a snap-back.
  • 2 what color is the bill on this hat?
  • 3 what size is this hat?
    This is a classic snap-back style hat. It has many sizes. It most likely fits your AWESOME HEAD. (Do not buy this hat if you don’t want an even more AWESOME head, please)
  • What's a snap-back hat?
    It's a size-adjustable hat, with those "snappy" plastic things on the back. They are the best! Here's a picture, below. This hat has 7 "snaps" (I don't actually know what this part is called). I'm pretty sure this is the same as any quality snap-back hat.
  • You know what's more important though? THIS IS THE ONE YOU WERE LOOKING FOR!
  • Does it have a double row of "snaps" like some hats? No! That would be weird, and way less awesome than the black hat you were looking for.
  • What's this hat made of? The very excellent label (and the ONLY label) in this hat clearly states that it is made from 80% acrylic and 20% wool. (There's a sweet inside pic of this below, CHECK OUT THAT PHOTOGRAPHY YO!). THAT'S RIGHT, it's a quality wool-blend hat!

There are SIX panels in this hat. The front two are reinforced. Each panel has an eyelet, so little tiny breezes of air can come inside and keep your head as cool as you look in this hat.

The bill is FLAT. There are 8 (eight!) stitch lines on the flat bill.

See this line? 👇

👆 That line is NOTHING compared to the sweet flatness of the bill on this all black hat!

The label inside this hat (the only markings on this BLANK, minimal, awesome black hat) says "The Classics" by "Yupoong". The Yupoong logo is also on the underside of the little "button" thing that holds all great hats together. (What even is that thing?)

Are you still reading?

Your search is over! I was searching once-- My search is over. I found this hat! You found this hat, too!

What are you waiting for?